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Veiled, soon to be unveiled, along with many other superb examples of PB’s current range as well as some new pieces never seen before. We’re looking forward sharing our new showroom with you

Truly unique pendant lighting is to a room what statement jewelry is to an outfit – there are some occasions when a little artfully placed bling is absolutely required.

The Acrobat features a sinuously svelte profile, introducing a contemporary focal point to any room.

“Its simplicity and elegance was, in the end, the most important thing to achieve with it,” Gregory says. “We wanted to evoke a kind of effortlessness.”

“It definitely wasn’t effortless to come up with!” Anthony laughs. “But it’s supposed to look that way.”

The Acrobat emits a luxurious ambient glow through translucent white porcelain, an effect discovered through the experimental nature of the Bear’s work.

The Double Act comprises two beautiful designer lights defy gravity while suspended on a trapeze bar.

“We’ve found that translucent porcelain is absolutely amazing for light, and the translucent Cloche is one of our most popular lights,” says Anthony. “But we wanted to venture out into different things, to use metals and play with form.”

Porcelain Bear’s thoughtfully bespoke work aids in stemming the scourge of cheap replicas, and the fine details built into the Acrobat make it a tough act to follow.

Available in four playful variations, Back Flip, Double Act, Forward Bend and Flat Bar, its pipes take no cues from any standard tube dimension. Each is cleverly bent and threaded to achieve a matchless form, leaving no room for error.

“If anything minor was out of alignment, it simply would not work,” says Gregory. “We’ve designed it so that it requires basically a fraction of a millimetre accuracy.”

“You will not see a thing, but its inner workings are extremely technical – it’s where all the hard work went,” says Anthony.

A testament to the Acrobat’s meticulously executed design is that it stands up to scrutiny not only from below, but also from above. The Bears intentionally conceived it as a feature light that may be appreciated from overhead, by people walking up a stairwell, for instance. To this end, the top of each Acrobat is as scrupulously formed as its bottom, with painstakingly concealed fixings creating the illusion of 360-degree seamlessness.

“To attempt that kind of attention to detail was torturous!” recalls Gregory. “You will see a lot of other lights where the designer has put a little grub screw in thinking, ‘nobody will even care’. But we did care. So we made sure there were no fixings that you could see. It’s all invisible.”