Collection - Lighting

Acrobat Series
A charismatic family of luminaires, the Acrobat lighting series deftly balances the complexity of design with the elegance and simplicity of their form.
The Cloche light offers simple, pared back lines, elegant geometry and is as appropriate for a contemporary interior as it is for renovated older architectural styles. Available as a pendant light or wall sconce, the Cloche plays its part in any space with dignity, integrity and simple style.
The distinctive Eido series of lighting features a catenary dome as its shade. Made in Australia from translucent Australian porcelain, the Eido’s fluted form varies the intensity of the light passing through it. Available in three sizes and as a pendant light and wall sconce.
Launched 18 July 2013, the I-O-N range is a classic Porcelain Bear lighting design. The I-O-N series lights diffuse the light source through a hand cast translucent porcelain diffusion sleeve. The I and O forms include one dimmable, super energy efficient LED bulb while the N comes with 2 bulbs. All three geometric shapes are available as a pendant light or wall sconce, in a range of colours and finishes.
Our porcelain ceiling roses are made with the same care, attention and passion as are all our lighting pieces. These decorative elements encase a pendant’s cable and light fittings, creating a beautiful seamless finish. Choose a ceiling rose that reflects and compliments the shape and dimensions of your Porcelain Bear light, or choose one of our streamlined designs for a subtler effect. Available individually or as part of a complete lighting package, a porcelain ceiling rose will elevate any lighting design.